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  1. After work
    The working day is over and you, tired of all the fuss, were sitting in an armchair. There was no one left in the office and you enjoyed the silence. Everyone has already left Internet, but didn’t want to go home. It was stuffy and you dreamed of a...
  2. It all started with
    It all started with how I got a job at my previous job, which I had practice while studying. We have a large room in which there are two huge windows, seven people were crazy for the people of Nastam. At first, the collective was enraged by one old grandmother, a real bitch, cunning with a scoundrel, three competent men, but lovers of a...
  3. Orgy at work
    As soon as I entered the office, I noticed that it was completely lonely. That is practically nobody! And only in the last office I heard the sounds of a working computer. I went there and saw how you are sitting, legs apart, reading my message and moving yourself across the chest...
  4. Sensitivity
    I met Tatyana almost immediately, and we can say in absentia. Well, that is, the person did not have time to come to work, and he should look around, and they already told him that the secretary in this company is very pretty (if not to say “fucking”, in a good sense, if I may say...
  5. Men's holiday
    The traditional men's holiday was approaching - February 23, the first time it was also celebrated under the new legislation as a day off. It is clear that in our friendly team, where only two men still worked, and even their bosses, it was absolutely necessary to warmly and originally congratulate them...
  6. Employee Certification
    Nobody attached any particular importance to us that in May, just before the holiday season, a new personnel officer appeared - or rather, a well-groomed silent man of about 40, who had a great...
  7. On balance
    Elena Mikhailovna was the chief accountant, and I was just a programmer in accounting. I have been working in this company for more than a year, and all this has bothered me. Poking around in their stupid dosovskaya...
  8. Fad in the contract
    The ladies in our office were so happy about the successful completion of the certification that no one even really read the new contracts that the management suggested we sign. And there, among others, there was one very...
  9. Eleanor
    Eleanor finished writing these lines, glowing with passion and bowed her head to her beautiful pink hands. “Laura” in an undertone she called her novice at that moment the door opened...
  10. Japanese room
    Countess Irina Rumyantseva was born in Moscow in the Baskov family. Rich, noisy, accustomed to living in a big way, he was reputed to be a hospitable small man in Moscow. He spoiled his only...
  11. RAW – “The Artisan Wine Fair” will be a guest in Berlin
    In London, this special wine fair has already made a name. On November 29, it will be held in Germany for the first time. Of course, in our capital city, in the market hall Nine in the beautiful Berlin district of Kreuzberg.
  12. Gift idea for the sophisticated lady
    Every man knows it exactly. He wants to make a great woman a gift, only that he doesn’t not what would make her happy.
  13. Stroll at the Christmas market
    The festive season has begun! What could be better than to stroll in charming ladies accompaniment through the Christmas market?
  14. A place to relax
    In addition, we recommend the Swissotel in Berlin’s City-West, directly on the Kurfürstendamm.
  15. Marche de Nuit“ in Frankfurt
    A real highlight is the shopping experience “Marche de Nuit”, in which a small bazaar will be opened in the middle of the night.
  16. Experience Frankfurt’s versatility
    Anyone who thinks that Frankfurt consists only of banks and business, is mistaken. Enjoy with your dream woman, for example...
  17. Eat like in Italy
    True Italians are to be found at the family Rosso de Sera. The Stellas led their wine mid-eighties in Italy and continued the tradition in Frankfurt in the nineties.
  18. A luxury hotel, that has no equal
    You want to spend a style safe night in Frankfurt? In the Villa Kennedy your are on the safe side. This elegant 5-star hotel is the right place for the accommodation of a different kind.